Video: Trade Unions Say Yes!

Trade Unionists from across the county are planning to vote Yes on May 5th. The civil service union PCS is officially supporting a Yes vote and is distributing thousands of leaflets to its branches. Below, Gerry Doherty (General Secretary of the transport union, TSSA) explains why his union is backing Labour Yes:

Former TUC General Secretary (Lord) John Monks is supporting Labour Yes, as is Billy Hayes, General Secretary of the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) gives us personal message of support for the Labour Yes campaign:

“Every voter deserves to have their voice heard – but that doesn’t happen with First Past the Post. Trade Unionists are used to having to fight for a fair deal. The Labour movement has long battled against powerful Conservative interests opposed to change – a Yes vote on May 5th would be one more step in that journey”. — Baroness Maggie Jones (UNISON, personal capacity)

“A Yes Vote will break the Tory dominance in the south and east of Britain – that’s why Tory MPs dread it. Trade unionists and people who rely on our threatened health and social services can’t face another century when the Tories keep winning the south on a minority of the vote because of the voting system. This is a once in a generation chance – don’t waste it” — Daniel Zeichner, Former Cambridge Parliamentary candidate.

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