Labour Yes in the Press

Read about the Labour Yes to Fairer Votes campaign in the media.

Why a Yes vote depends on Labour voters by George Eaton, New Statesman, Wednesday 20 April

Yes campaign steps up pressure Express and Echo, Monday 11 April

Yes! That’s the verdict at Standard AV debate as Ken Livingstone and Michael Howard clash on voting Evening Standard, Thursday 7 April

Say Yes in the referendum on May 5 for a fairer Britain Kevin Maguire, Daily Mirror, Wednesday 6 April

AV Yes vote ‘will brand David Cameron a loser’ Evening Standard, Tuesday 5 April

Time for a fairer alternative Guardian Editorial, Monday 4 April

Adopting the alternative vote would be a very British revolution Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer, Sunday 3 April

Do we want a fairer election system? Then the only answer is a Yes vote Observer Editorial, Sunday 3 April

Ed Miliband launches cross-party alternative vote push BBC News, Tuesday 29 March

Miliband: AV will begin era of political co-operation by Craig Woodhouse, Daily Mail, Tuesday 29 March

Will May 5 be the day Cameron’s NHS dream dies? by James Forsyth, Daily Mail, Monday 28 March

A ‘yes’ to voting reform could be death for Mr Cameron by Iain Martin, Daily Mail, Saturday 26 March

Ed Miliband Urges Yes to Voting Reform, Daily Mirror, Guardian, Wednesday 16 March

Winning AV is essential, Polly Toynbee, Guardian, Tuesday 15 March

Vote for a change Ben Bradshaw, Progress Magazine.

AV ‘Yes’ will hurt Coalition, says Tory minister by Michael Settle, Herald Scotland, Monday 7 March

AV win would be “a dagger at the heart of the party,” by Gary Gibbon, Channel 4 News, Saturday 5 March

‘Voting reform will not cause more cuts, Treasury insists’ by Matt Chorley, The Independent, Sunday 27 February

‘A switch to AV is in the best interests of both the Labour Party and the country’ by Ben Bradshaw, Tribune Magazine, Saturday 26 February

‘IPSOS MORI shows Labour support for Yes on AV running at 53% compared to 29% for the No’ by Ipsos MORI, Friday 25 February

‘Independent’s leader strongly attacking the NO campaign’s negative tactics’ on The Independent, Friday 25 February

‘No to AV baby ad is in dire need of reform’ by Sunny Hundal, The Guardian, Friday 25 February

‘Voters might not give two hoots about AV – but David Cameron should’ by Benedict Brogan on Telegraph Blogs, Wednesday 23 February

‘Why I’ve reported the No2AV baby advert to the ASA’ by Will Straw on Left Food Forward, Wednesday 23 February

‘Lessons from the past: why Tories oppose AV’ by Andy McSmith, The Independent, Monday 21 February

‘The Battle for the No Campaign and a Prime Minister in Peril’ by Iain Martin, Wall Street Journal, Friday 18 February

‘AV referendum to go ahead without 40% turnout rule’ by Patrick Wintour, The Guardian, Thursday 17 February

‘Why the alternative vote gets my vote’ by Ed Miliband, The Guardian, Wednesday 16 February

‘Alternative Vote: it’s not just about Clegg’ by Ed Miliband, The Guardian, Wednesday 16 February.

‘Labour prepared to say yes to AV vote – but only if Clegg takes a back seat’ by Patrick Wintour and Julian Glover, The Guardian, Monday 20 December

‘Letters: Labour’s Yes to AV’, The Guardian, Wednesday 8 December 2010

‘Labour figures back campaign to change voting system’, Wednesday 8 December 2010

‘Ed Miliband joins the campaign for voting reform’ by Patrick Wintour, The Guardian, Tuesday 7 December 2010.

‘Hain joins Labour campaign to back the alternative vote’ by Rene Lavanchy, The Tribune Magazine, Thursday 18 November 2010