Kinnock joins Labour Yes campaign as it continues to build momentum

With a national referendum on reform of the current voting system almost certain to be held in May, the Labour Yes campaign is increasing its support amongst Labour MPs.

Key Labour MP’s including Alistair Darling, the Member for Edinburgh South West and former Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Westminster’s newest Member of Parliament, Debbie Abrahams, elected for Oldham East and Saddleworth last month, have recently announced their support for Yes to AV and signed up to the Labour Yes campaign.

They join Labour leader Ed Miliband, former leader Neil Kinnock, and many others including Tessa Jowell, Diane Abbott, Glenys Kinnock, Oona King, Sadiq Khan and Ken Livingstone in supporting a Yes vote in the May referendum.

While the number of Labour MPs supporting a Yes vote in the referendum has been increasing each week, the number of Labour MPs supporting a No vote has fallen from 114 in December to 107.

Neil Kinnock says: “The Alternative Vote will increase the power of each vote because every vote in every constituency will have full value. That’s why I’m glad to be active in the campaign to win a Yes majority for AV in the May referendum.”

“We are working to strengthen understanding that AV offers a truly fair change from the current First Past The Post system in which an MP can be elected with as little as a third of the votes cast in their constituency.

“In the Labour Yes campaign we are building support for AV because the change will bring fresh vigour to elections and greater confidence in democracy. The increasing   support for AV- especially among young people- is very encouraging. We know that it will grow further because, with AV, every vote counts.” Neil Kinnock said today.

This week the Labour Yes campaign sent out a letter to all Constituency Labour Party Secretaries, urging all Labour people to engage in debate on the issue of voting reform.

Neil Kinnock is joined by many of his colleagues from the House of Lords in support of the Labour Yes campaign, including Lord Melvyn Bragg who recently announced his support, former Labour Party Deputy Leader Roy Hattersley, former Constitutional Affairs Minister Michael Wills and Professor Raymond Plant, who led a Commission examining voting systems in the 1990’s.

The full list of Labour MPs supporting a Yes vote in the referendum can be found here: or on Labour List here—are-they-yes-or-no-to-av.

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