New Video: Ed Miliband’s Address from Labour Yes Launch

On Wednesday, March 16, leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband addressed the audience at the launch of the Labour Yes campaign to outline why he supports a Yes vote in the May referendum.

In his address Ed Miliband said:

Far too many voices go unheard because they don’t even have the vote, and whoever is in government, we must work together to address that.
Our long journey to a better politics didn’t stop with secret ballots,
It didn’t stop with universal suffrage.
It didn’t stop with devolution.
On May Fifth, we can take another step on this journey to a fairer politics.
So I urge people to say.
Yes to change,
Yes to a challenge to the status quo,
Yes to a system where more voices are heard and more votes are counted.
Yes to AV.

Below is a video of the entire speech from the event held in London, the transcript can also be read here.

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