New Video: Peter Mandelson Throws Support Behind Labour Yes Campaign

“I am sorry I can’t join you at your launch, but I just wanted to add my support and add my words to what I think is going to become a very very important campaign and vote for change in our political system. Look, we haven’t just gone through an economic fire storm in the last few years, we went through a political fire storm as well and let’s face it all of us in politics have taken a huge hit as the public, you know, rose against us and frankly we became more and more disconnected from the broad swath of main stream voters in this country and we’ve got to make that reconnection and I think that the opportunity available to us to do so comes in changing our electoral system. It is not a Revolution, but it is a small very healthy change and progress. For this reason, when I was growing up it was typical that members of parliament would be elected with fifty percent plus of the vote in their constituencies, now increasingly that’s become not the case.

But it’s not just a matter of principal that you should seek fifty percent plus. The reason I am in favour of it is that it will shake politicians up, it will make them work harder for every single vote in their constituency and I think that is particularly important for the Labour Party, because it will stir up and shake up our organization in our constituencies so that we have more to fight for, we have a greater challenge, a great spur and that will make us work harder in all our campaigns and in all our constituencies and that’s exactly what I think that we need.

So that’s not just the positive reason for voting yes, there’s a negative one as well. Often times with choices like this you have to see who’s against you. I’ve noticed that the person who least wants a yes vote come May on this referendum is none other than David Cameron let’s give him a fright, let’s shake him up, let’s vote Yes and give ourselves something to cheer about but also something for the rest of country and the electorate to celebrate.”

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