Why are they so desperate for a No vote? – New video

In the first of our campaign videos, Labour Yes asks why Cameron and the Tories are so firmly against a change to the voting system.

Watch the video below and please forward to friends.

Last week we released a document outlining Tory support for a No vote in May’s referendum which you can read here.

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4 Responses to “Why are they so desperate for a No vote? – New video”

  1. oldpolitics:

    Can you explain how it would cost the Tories seats? In fights with Labour, it seems to me that the votes available are mostly from UKIP and the Lib Dems in most constituencies. Both of those parties’ voters strongly favour the Tories over Labour in a two-way fight. So it would help Cameron, wouldn’t it?

    Best case scenario, the Tories lose a few seats in Tory-LibDem marginals. Do we care about that any more, given that both are right-wing anti-Labour parties?

  2. Andy:

    @oldpolitics It’s nonsense to say that Lib Dem voters “strongly favour the Tories over Labour in a two-way fight”. The Lib Dem grassroots lean slightly to the left, and hate most Tory MPs – even if they don’t mind Cameron.

  3. Mervo:

    This is misleading. It says not a single Tory is for AV. Tut tut, Labour house sheet the Guardian had a debate between Tory John Strafford and Margaret Beckett only two Saturdays ago. Guess who was against AV. No, it wasn’t Mr Strafford.

  4. Anthony Miller:

    John Strafford is a highly respected writer and commentator but he is NOT the modern conservative party. He is the sane minority who continually picks at his own party for its total lack of internal democracy when it comes to candidate selection and policy formulation.
    I think it’s fair to say that the “establishment” within the Parlimentary party (in particular the Cabinet) absolutely hate him…


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