Dossier: How Tories pull the strings of No to AV

Labour Yes today publishes a dossier which outlines the extensive political, financial and organisational links between the No to AV camp and the Conservative Party.

As we reported earlier, leading Tory voices are already describing a Yes vote on AV as a “dagger at the heart of the party”, and “the most destabilising thing for the coalition”.

The extent of Tory desperation can be seen from the fact that the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has been doing the media rounds to parrot false allegations about the Yes campaign he knows to be untrue.

But the critical question that Labour proponents of a No vote need to answer is, why are David Cameron and the Tories – along with their friends in the right-wing press – are running so scared of a fairer voting system?

Would the full weight of the Conservative Party establishment be deployed to fight against reform if they didn’t see AV as a fundamental threat to their political interests for years to come?

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2 Responses to “Dossier: How Tories pull the strings of No to AV”

  1. Brian:

    I would certainly vote YES to AV as it will mean that I will no longer have to vote tactically in Sutton. I vote LibDem to keep the Tories out – under AV I could vote with my true wish Labour – and then my second preference could be counted if needed. Also I recieved the NO campaign leaflet today and noticed a very ‘clever graphic’ – it shows a group of athletes in a race at the winning tape – and says under AV the third person might win – true! BUT this is very ‘old school’ thinking because it supports the idea that the election is a race with individual winners (The athletes = candidates) BUT an election should be about the wishes of the voters (The crowd watching = voters) and the third place athelete must be the most favoured by the crowd!!!

  2. Tom Rees:

    The only party leaders against AV are Cameron and Nick Griffin. That’s because the only parties that will be hurt by AV are the Tories and the BNP.

    How many people vote Lib Dem tactically when they’d rather be voting labour? Loads! We can have all those votes.

    And this country has a left-of-centre majority. The only reason the Tory minority keeps getting into power is because the left vote is more split (Labour, Lib Dems, Green, SNP, Welsh Nationalists) than the right. That’s why Tory millionaires are pumping so much money into the campaign against fairer votes!

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