Yes Campaign Launches National Poster Campaign

Today the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign launched a new national poster campaign, the posters forgo the negative campaigning being conducted by the No to AV camp and focus on the simple change to AV and its benefits.

Katie Ghose Chair of the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign said:

“A Yes vote will make MPs work harder for your vote. It will cut safe seats. It will give voters more of a say. Politicians like to promise the world. We won’t. AV isn’t a silver bullet; it’s a simple upgrade on First Past the Post.

“We can make politics better, or it can stay the same. That’s the choice on 5th May”

All three posters launched today can be viewed here [PDF].

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2 Responses to “Yes Campaign Launches National Poster Campaign”

  1. Mike:

    I had to laugh when i saw the 3rd point being made.

    3. Gives us more say.

    You mean like when your party took us into two wars? over a million people took to the streets and many others voiced their opposition. Did Labour listen, erm NOPE.

    In Reality it means people can vote for whoever they want to, but when in goverment they’ll totally ignore the wishes of the majority and continue to press ahead with their own agenda’s and it will make no difference whatsoever if you vote yes or no.

    I am pretty sure a point should be made like.

    4. We will actually do the things we promise in our campaigns instead of backtracking or totally ignorning the whishes of the MAJORITY without calling them bigots of the far right/left.

  2. Dave Marsay:

    As an AV-leaning but open-minded voter, I’m disappointed in the quality of the debate. Wouldn’t it be best to point people to a web site where the points can be substantiated? You might also want to counter the No points.

    Here’s my attempt:
    ‘Cut safe seats’: MPs who get over 50% of the first preference votes will be safe under any voting system, but today many MPs are safe with far less votes than that. For example, an MP who has 40% core support and is loathed by everyone else could be safe under FPTP if the opposition is split. Under AV an MP who is most voters’ worst preference cannot win’.

    ‘Make MPs work harder’. In most seats MPs will need to attract second preference votes, and thus will need to develop policies and programmes with broad appeal.

    ‘Gives you more say’. Under FPTP many people have a stark choice betwen voting for a candidate (such as Green, or a local candidate) that they believe in, or voting tactically, for the candidate who can keep the worst candidate out. Under AV you can express your ful preference, and be sure that your vote will count towards the final selection.

    PS Have you seen or They work for me.

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